Frequently Asked Questions

Gong meditation is helpful for both emotional and physical issues. The modern world can be stressful and demanding and sound baths can help to manage anxiety, depression, fatigue, anger, and fear. Physically it can help stimulate the circulatory and glandular systems and stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Essentially it’s like having an internal massage that helps release tension and toxins in the body. The gong can also help identify and calm the ‘monkey mind’ – the incessant chatter of thoughts that goes on in our head.

The gong is a gateway into meditation because the sound vibrations of the gong can change the brain waves into Theta state. You are in Theta state in the early stages of sleep and as you are waking up; while you’re dreaming; when you’re in periods of enhanced creativity, as well as deep relaxation and meditation. You may also go deeper and slip into Delta, which is the state of deep sleep, complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Delta brainwaves bring a number of benefits including reducing cortisol levels; the hormone released by stress that can damage parts of your body.

Our public gong baths are adult only events. We do not recommend a gong bath if you are pregnant or are suffering with extreme mental health problems. If you suffer from tinnitus, epilepsy, migraines, bipolar, Aspergers/Autism or are undergoing treatment/receiving medication for any form of psychological order in the last 6 months then please speak with your G.P first and advise us, prior to you making a booking. Disclaimer: A Gong Bath is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical treatment & care.

Please wear comfy loose fitting clothes and bring a pillow, blanket and a bottle of water. Yoga mats and eye pillows will be provided. If you suffer with lower back pain you may wish to bring some additional support for under your knees.

Please arrive fifteen minutes early to sign in and get settled into a comfortable position. We will start promptly at 2PM and sorry late entries will not be admitted. Please visit the toilet before the session starts. We advise against lots of rushed activity immediately before the session so that you can get the most benefit from it. Please ensure all mobile phones are switched off (and not on vibrate) during the session.

Don’t worry; lots of people do. You will still be getting the benefits of the sound meditation. We encourage you to be kind to yourself by doing whatever it is you need to to do to be comfortable. This means you can snore, cough, sneeze, laugh, cry, move…. or whatever else you need….. There is nothing worse than fighting to hold a tickly cough in for a long period of time.

We also encourage you to be kind to others so that they also feel they can do these things. All sounds from others including hearing the birds singing outside or a small insect buzzing by the window can become part of your audio journey if you let it. Its all a matter of perspective we think. Being kind to you and to others keeps the experience about you; so that you can feel peaceful rather than irritated . After all, modern life is very busy with many demands, we think you deserve this special time just for you, so use it wisely.

Each experience is individual. You may feel a sense of peace and relaxation, you may see colours or visualisations, you may get sensations or even emotions which may intensify for a few minutes before disappearing. You may experience a floating sensation, a healing pain, or a resistance to letting go or you may notice your mind racing and a difficulty in relaxing.

Whatever you experience we invite you to breathe into it and to stay in the room for the whole session. Your body is a great communication tool and will be providing you with valuable information to guide you in your life.

Its best to avoid having a specific expectation or comparing your experience to others – your journey is your own so let your body and mind show you what it wants to. We are happy to talk with you about your experience and some people like to ask us for an interpretation afterwards which we are happy to do so if you wish.

There will be five minutes of silence for reflection and to give your body time to process the sounds that it has heard. It is important to remain quiet and respectful to others while we focus on getting everyone grounded and back into the room. We love to come and talk to you afterwards to answer any questions you may have and for you to share your experience with us if you wish.

We recommend you don’t roll up your mat, hurry into your car, hop on the road and rush through some errands. Ease yourself back into your day and give yourself time afterwards to absorb the experience. If you feel a sense of serenity after your sound bath, protect it. Re-enter the noisy chaos of your life slowly and quietly. When you get home; drink plenty of water to help your body to release toxins and avoid alcohol or caffeine for at least 24 hours. Avoid long journeys, strenuous activities or a busy schedule immediately after.

If you enjoyed your gong bath experience with us then please spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues. We are always delighted to receive a testimonial for our website or Facebook page.

Drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine and alcohol for 48 hours and eat a light diet so that the body can concentrate its energy on healing instead of reintroducing toxins or focusing on the digestive process. Plan in to rest and relax; make an agreement with loved ones to make space for this to happen. Avoid going to crowded places, dashing to an appointment or shopping at the supermarket. This is an opportunity to take care of yourself, so take it easy.

Occasionally, your body may experience a healing response within 2 or 3 days of the gong bath. Symptoms experienced may range from a mild headache, to feeling tired, heightened emotions, or increased urination. Don’t worry these are positive signs that the body is healing itself by eliminating toxins, or that long-buried emotions are being gently released. Symptoms should dissipate within 2 or 3 days. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us. Of course if you have serious concerns, you should not hesitate to contact your GP.

We recommend you focus on breath work which is basically about learning to breathe more consciously, fully and deeply. Modern living can be stressful and this can lead to shallow, tense, quick breathing that deprives the body of oxygen, contributing to fatigue, anxiety and an inability to let go fully.

Using very simple breathing instructions during a sound bath, such as silently repeating a personal mantra, can help focus your mind on the sounds and vibrations – and keep your meditation on track – allowing for a more meaningful experience. The breath can help to clear and release old energy as well as distract the mind so that the vibration sounds can penetrate the body more easily. It can also keep you more present in the meditation and less likely to fall asleep. If you are serious about breath work we recommend a yoga practice which incorporates breath work or there are even ‘breath work’ workshops available online.

Crystals are affected by vibration energy at a sound bath too. You are invited to to bring your gems and minerals to be cleansed and charged if you wish. You can even place your crystals on the specific energy centers of your body (Chakras) for healing and unblocking of emotions if you wish. (Disclaimer: Sonic Spa cannot be held responsible for any damages or loss to your personal belongings during these events)

Hands on healing (Reiki) before a gong bath can help your body to be more open to relaxation and healing. This is because there is less resistance and mind clutter in the way following a healing treatment with a trained Reiki specialist. In addition to this we think placing your own hands on the parts of your body that you sense are hurting either emotionally, physically or spiritually (e.g your heart) can bring you closer to yourself and help cultivate some loving kindness and send some compassion your way.

Please contact us by phone or email and we will be delighted to speak with you.