I have been to a Sonic Gong Bath session in person previously but since lockdown I have been attending virtually which is surprisingly still incredibly relaxing and beneficial. Cherie and Shaun are perfect, welcoming hosts and incredibly talented, even my dog falls asleep when he joins in with their gong bath 🙂 We join by Facebook live so you do not have to join by camera if feeling nervous on your first visit. The Sonic Gong baths have been so important to me during lockdown.
– JH

I wasn’t sure what to expect but kept an open mind. I set myself up a little space at home, yoga mat, blanket, water, eye mask. I used by blue tooth speaker with my laptop and then lay down and drifted out to the soothing voice of the lovely Chérie, and then the magic started. I slipped off on my journey to the gentle rumble of the gong, played by Shaun and the wonderful bowls. I was amazed at how authentic it felt. I guess the preparation helped and I am so glad I made the effort. I have been to several online gong sessions now with Sonic Spa and they are all different and a real treat for myself. Thank you for putting them on online as well as I don’t live in the area so I still have access to them.
– LW

If you’re looking for a beautifully relaxing experience then bathing yourself in the sounds of the gong led by Shaun & Cherie is where it’s at. I have long been a fan of Sonic Spa, having been to some gong sessions in-person and experiencing first hand the healing effects of the gong. I wondered how the experience would translate into an at home experience – and in so many ways I’ve found it to be a real source of peace, relaxation and healing. I’ve enjoyed the sense of ritual around it, creating a haven in my home that Shaun & Cherie fill with their gong vibrations and beautifully curated meditations, and knowing that there is a community enjoying it alongside me at home has also been special. I’m so grateful that I have access to these sessions in my home and cannot recommend them enough – if you’ve never done one or are wondering what it’s all about, then give it a go! Deep peace and relaxation awaits
– AP

Amazing experience every time, always come away feeling relaxed and light.
– SJ

Quality care from start to finish. Lovely surrounding and a fabulous way to spend an hour looking after yourself.
– CR

Such an amazing experience… Cherie and Shaun are friendly and welcoming and explain exactly what is going to happen. The sounds we’re amazing and it was so great to have some time out. Left feeling revitalised and so relaxing.
Definitely coming back again and recommending to everyone!
– AH

I have been to three now and I am hooked. It really helps soothe the mind, clear out trapped emotion from the body and cleanse the physical body. Definitely helps unite the mind, body and soul and gives you clarity in all three. Highly recommend and am grateful to both of you for bringing something so special and needed to our very sleepy town
– SC

I have been to two events and both times I’ve been blown away and experienced totally different things. Thank you for sharing this with me and with Andover. Me time is so important and this allows you to stop and do just that. Amazing xx
– GJ

It’s such a great experience and different each time. It’s not only deeply relaxing but has also helped me shift some bad energy which has changed everything for me
– KL

I have joined this sound bath twice now and can honestly say it’s such a great experience. Cherie and Shaun are so welcoming and it’s great to just relax and switch off for an hour. These things can seem quite daunting, particularly if you don’t consider yourself a ‘spiritual’ person, but it’s so easy to enjoy and you are able to take from the sessions whatever you feel you need. Will see plenty more of me!

Wonderfully relaxing Sonic Spa today – thank you so much Shaun & Cherie for making my Sunday afternoon so peaceful. The sounds and vibrations transported me to beautiful and amazing places, long ago visited but never to be forgotten, I’m already looking forward to my next bathe in the Gong pool!
– KR

What a wonderful experience. Cherie and Shaun expertly create a relaxing safe space which meant as a first time participant I knew what to expect and felt totally at ease. I can’t wait for the next one!! Thanks guys…
– CL

Cherie and Shaun’s Gong bath was amazing. The sound was delightful. You go on your own personal journey. Calming, relaxing also great for your well being. A big thank you to you both. I enjoyed every moment. I’ve already booked in for the next one. Love light and healing XXX
– VL

A gong bath was a new experience for me but it’s one I shall be repeating. I left the session feeling relaxed and energised and the changes that have shown up in the last few weeks have been brilliant. I’ve been able to truly let go !! Gone are the past issues that were holding me back and it feels wonderful 🙂 Friends and family have even commented on the difference in me. I feel so much calmer and lighter. It’s as if my mind and body have been rewired by the sound I heard. I’d recommend this meditation without hesitation. It’s awesome
– CI

I am so pleased that I found this! I have been missing just taking an hour out for myself and this was PERFECT. I arrived feeling exhausted and left feeling re-energised and like I had slept for 8 hours straight (unheard of!). I can’t wait for the next one!
– TS

I had heard about Gong Bath’s from my Hypnotherapy group and was fascinated but thought I’d never get the opportunity to try one outside of London. I leapt at the chance to try out a session in Andover, just down the road from me, and so glad I did. I walked in highly stressed and came out much more chilled out and able to enjoy the rest of my day. I loved listening to all the different gong sounds and Cherie and Shaun were so warm and friendly. Will be definitely be booking in again
– JB

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